Capitol Panteras Club Meetings

We continue to have monthly meetings from April to November, and a Christmas party in December. There are no meetings in January, February, and March. Meetings are held every 2nd Tuesesday of the month (except as noted above) at:

Perko's Restaurant
9647 Micron Ave. (off Hwy 50 @ Bradshaw) Sacramento

People start showing up about 6:30 PM, to order food, and the official start time is 7:00 PM.
Please check the Club Meeting newsletters for exceptions

Click here for a few photos from our meetings and drives.

To encourage members and POCA guests to drive their CLUB** car, we will have a special raffle, at every monthly meeting, for those that drive their cars to the meeting.  The prize will be $10.00 CASH.  This should offset most local members gas cost, and will help those of us driving over 100 miles, round trip, to the meeting.  Dust your car off, charge the battery, fill the tires with air, and bring it to the meeting.  We have the resources to put on a mini exotic show at each club meeting, so lets do it!

**A club car is; any deTomaso car, a personal vintage car, such as the, DeLorean, Cobra (real or replica), Boss 302/351, Shelby GT350/500, or Exotic (newer Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford GT, etc).


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